Scuba Diving in Somerset, Devon and Dorset

Image by Shannon Conway. The Flamboyant Cuttlefish Metasepia pfefferi is one of many amazing critters waiting for you in Lembeh. Image by Lembeh Resort. It also has a superb variety of dive sites to explore. Why not escape for a week to dive one of the most incredible destinations on the planet Image by the Havaiki Pearl. Image by Bandos Maldives.

SCUBA Diving

If you require any further assistance, please email us on SMBdiving gmail. St Andrews Lakes, with beautiful blue waters and depths of over 30 metres, is the newest inland fresh-water scuba diving site in the UK. The dive team welcomes individuals and clubs alike and is here to help everyone get the very best diving experience. In the water, we have a lined course to help you navigate our attractions, training platforms and abundant fish stocks.

Email us for an up to date underwater map, as we are constantly adding attractions. If you are new to diving, we are here to help develop your skills and can even find you a dive buddy we have a WhatsApp Dive Buddy group which has proven successful.

We think these pool sessions are an ideal way for divers, new and old, to keep their skills up to date and become even better divers. Dive with friends. Some clubs.

Toggle navigation. FAQ Below are a number of common Frequently Asked Questions, if your question is not answered here feel free to get in contact with us. What is the minimum age to take part? What other prerequisites are there? If I answer Yes to a question on the medical form does that mean I cannot take part? How deep can I go? What is the difference between the Junior qualifications and the adult ones?

Is diving in the UK cold? Children aged 10 to 11 years can complete the course by a referral.


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Cardiff Scuba Limited – South Wales Premier 5 Star IDC Dive Resort – Specialising in PADI -SDI and TDI Training – Organising Trips both in the UK and Abroad. for is becoming more limited, so don’t delay choosing a vacant date. to browse around our website where you will find details of all the services we offer.

This site makes use of cookies. If you continue we’ll assume you are happy to receive them. We are a proud island nation with a rich maritime heritage. Over the centuries significant shipping tonnage has been sunk off our coasts by the power of nature or unrestricted warfare. From battleships and merchantmen, through to steamers and tankers, our seabed is littered with shipwrecks, with the oldest dating back to BC and the Bronze Age.

Each wreck provides us with a unique window into history.

How my scuba diving addiction messed up my love life

Shop Opening from 4th July. With lockdown restrictions eased, we are now open daily from Monday – Saturday. We are Covid Compliant with restricted access in and around the shop area. We allow only 2 people in the shop at any one time and Gloves and hand-gels are availbel for use when with us.

Stoney Cove, England – Located in Leicestershire, in the UK midlands, Stoney Cove is the busiest inland dive site in the country and with good reason.

There are few experiences in life that are capable of generating the overwhelming sense of freedom and exhilaration you feel when scuba diving. In this guide, we take a look at some of the inspirational female divers who have helped women gain representation in a largely male-dominated sport. We also explore how scuba diving can play an important role in ocean conservation, as well as providing important tips and advice for all the women scuba divers around the world.

Source: PADI. In recent years the scuba diving industry has grown significantly — with dive centres like PADI , offering scuba training and certification courses around the world. With this growth, we have seen an increase in the number of women joining the scuba diving community, however, rewind to the s and the decades that followed, and gender equality was a far cry from what it is today. A true pioneer in the world of scuba diving, Dottie Frazier — born in , challenged the social expectations of women at the time and became the first female hard-hat diver, the first female scuba instructor and the first woman to own a dive shop.

Source: SkinDivingHistory. Over the past few decades, there have been some exceptionally powerful female role models who have shown the world that women can scuba too, and their success has undoubtedly played a major role in encouraging other women to enter the sport. Despite receiving offers from Hollywood, Lotte chose to dedicate her career to becoming an underwater photographer and explorer. Sylvia Earle, the marine biologist and diving legend.

The first female chief scientist of the U. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration , and named by Time Magazine as its first Hero for the Planet in , Sylvia is a fantastic role model for women, and is a true inspiration. Often referred to as The Shark Lady, Eugenie Clark sadly passed away in , however, she was one of the first females to enter the field of scuba diving for research purposes.

Solo diving

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Here at Snowcard, we are pleased to offer scuba travel insurance. insurance policies available from this website can only be used by uk & channel islands.

Scuba diving is a highly addictive activity. Before pursuing further, you may want to consider what scuba diving and travelling extensively did to my relationships and decide for yourself…. Yes, scuba divers love sharks and marvel at things that most people would find ugly. Yes, scuba divers are the one you should never let away from water too long.

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chelmsford scuba diving club. Branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club. The site is updated frequently so please pop back regularly. to date with what is going on in the club and the dive programme page to see what dive spaces are​.

Over the years, the Geko Dive Team learnt what makes a great dive operation. While this is a good beginning, it is not enough! What is essential to the Geko Dive Team is that divers arrive as customers and leave as friends; then return as friends before departing as family. After all, spending great times together, both underwater and at the surface, is what diving is all about.

And Bali is a great place to do just that! This scuba diving centre is Padang Bai’s longest running dive operator. Since , the same spirit of friendliness towards guests, support of the local community and a dedication to environmental protection animates the Geko Dive Bali team. Be a part of diving history and join us for a celebratory Bali dive trip this season. Over the last few years, new dive operators on Bali are mushrooming.

With so many new entrants on the market, it can be hard for divers to make an educated choice. Safety should be one of the first aspects to look at when choosing a Bali dive centre. Are dive boats self-operated or leased for the day? Does the dive centre bring oxygen on every trip? Are the guides and instructors certified and renewed?

Scuba diving Bali with Geko Dive in Padang Bai

Fantastic sea stars with plentiful legs, multicolored anemones, and gelatinous invertebrates are common sights in these waters. Crabs, lobsters, and shrimp also make appearances. During a dive you can come across dolphins, seals, and even whales. Sometimes, sharks will cruise through, but instances of running into these huge fish come few and far between. With a PADI Travel account, you can favourite dive operators to come back to later on any device or computer.

Open Water Diver/Scuba Diver: 12 years to dive in the UK because of the minimum age imposed by the open water dive sites that we use for training. Diver Speciality alongside your Open Water Diver course or you can do it at a later date.

We love dive shows here at Girls that Scuba; they are amazing opportunities to meet more GTS members, see and try on new dive equipment, add new destinations to our bucket list and see old dive friends! In its second year Go Diving is already attracting a younger generation of divers and we are excited to be able to influence them with an amazing line up of female divers talking to on the main stage throughout the weekend.

Use code GTS for buy-on-get-one-free tickets. Sarah will be interviewing them on their journeys in scuba diving so far; the highs, the lows, their dreams and aspirations as a diver. Working as a Dive Guide in Egypt, she continues to lead subm excursions across the historically rich and fascinating wrecks of the Red Sea.

Ellie wishes to eventually pursue a career in underwater film making. She wants to utilise her technical diving knowledge and skills to explore and document new environments. And she is only years-old. At only 25 years old we will be chatting to her about her achievements so far. Over the past year, Mae has been working in Bristol as an underwater researcher for Natural History Television.

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