Senegal’s fear of outspoken women

Senegalese Islam is traditionally associated with brotherhoods, i. Islamic communities of faith, which are aware of their power and exert influence over the political class. Today, more than three decades later, the political, economic and social influences of the brotherhoods in Senegal are undisputed and their presence throughout the country is a clear indication of the deeply-rooted acceptance of their role within the population. In all Senegalese cities, signs of the public presence of Islamic brotherhoods are discernible. In the capital Dakar, the streets are filled with colourful minibuses, so-called cars rapides , with religious inscriptions, which characterise the cityscape. In cities such as Mbour, Thies, St. Louis, Kolda and Kedougou, one encounters street vendors sporting portraits of caliphs, high-ranking Muslim clerics, on their necklaces, and taxis displaying pictures of saints venerated by the brotherhoods on their windscreens or number plates.

Silence, pleasure and agency: sexuality of unmarried girls in Dakar, Senegal

Further Man Politics Mar. Is Ousmane Sonko dating future of Senegalese politics? Movie Night May. Culture Oct. Movie Outspoken Oct. So culturally speaking, it is quite possible that I could be married.

Phuong Tran reports from VOA’s West Africa Bureau on one man’s hour journey to the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha, known as Tabaski in Senegal. The date of Tabaski is based on the Islamic lunar calendar and falls

By: Sarah Mac Dougall. This experience was bizarre mainly due to the stark contrast between the depictions of conservative Islamic leaders and the multi-leveled, ironic, explicit American song about sex. Yet, this scenario illustrates a larger paradox in Senegalese society. Young people in Senegal are all about America. While they might disprove of Americans, American politics, and American global attitudes, American music, American clothing, and American movies are prevailingly popular.

The issue is that stereotypically modern American culture comes with a lot of sexuality. American movies are sexual, American songs are sexual, Americans dress fairly provocatively, etc. However, despite how much these cultural elements are embraced in Senegal, the overwhelmingly Muslim population will very clearly and definitively tell you that they do not approve of promiscuity, marriage without the purpose of having children, or homosexuality.

A good analogy is the acceptable dress code for women in Senegal; despite such a strong presence of Islam, the veil is not prevailingly common. Women wear both traditionally styled long wrap skirts, but also jeans.

Polygamy Throttles Women in Senegal

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Stories of cohabitation between believers in Christ and Muslims. () to date – the first was Christian, the following three were Muslims (two.

Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Download the full report in English. Thousands of these children live in conditions of extreme squalor, denied sufficient food and medical care. Many are also subject to physical abuse amounting to inhuman and degrading treatment. At the daara , they beat you until you think you will die. The report reveals the role of some parents in perpetuating these practices by turning a blind eye or returning children to abusive or exploitative daaras.

Click to expand Image. The findings in this report are based on 10 weeks of field research in Senegal between June and January , phone interviews between May and May , and information drawn from credible secondary sources including court documents and media reports. The children often begged in front of police and gendarmes, near government buildings, between moving cars and along busy highways. Some were as young as five years old, and many suffered from skin infections or malnutrition.

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Women in Senegal have a traditional social status as shaped by local custom and religion. In recent decades, economic change and urbanization has led to many young men migrating to the cities, such as Dakar. Senegal is 94% Muslim (FGM is not an Islamic practice) The FGM prevalence rate varies by religion: 29%.

But behind the smiles and occasional loud laughter lies a troubling nightmare that Ndiaye has to live with. On this occasion, long after her guests left, it took some time before Ndiaye could muster the courage to speak. Virginity is a big issue in our tradition. That tradition applies to certain Arab and African cultures and is still jealously guarded.

Women found to be virgins are more trusted and respected by their husbands and in-laws. In certain North African countries, a woman would even, in days past, have been murdered for not being deemed a virgin on the first marital night. Men are brought up to believe that your woman is not supposed to have been touched sexually by any other person before getting married to you. Ould Dada said this culture is even being transported to other parts of Europe, such as France and Spain, where girls from immigrant Arab backgrounds may be forced to secretly undergo surgery to re-connect their hymens to hide any sign of past sexual activity.

One of the doctors running these types of clinics is Dr Marc Abecassis. He said many clients are in their mids to lates, and born in France of Arab origin. Another clinic popular with women of North African origin for this kind of surgery is the Instituto Universitario Dexeus hospital in Barcelona. Here Dr Barri, a surgical gynaecologist, says he performs both hymen re-connection and clitoris reconstruction for African women who have under gone female genital mutilation.

Both doctors said their clients willingly undergo the surgery, though they are clearly motivated by social and traditional pressures in their own communities.

Gender parity in Senegal – A continuing struggle

The country takes its name from the river that runs along its northern and eastern borders, forming the frontier with Mauritania and Mali. A poetic etymology from the Wolof people states that the name derives from the local term Sunugal, meaning “our dugout canoe” everyone is in the same boat. The Republic of Senegal became independent in after three centuries of French colonial rule.

Dakar, the capital since independence in , lies on the Cap Vert peninsula, the most westerly point in Africa. Although predominantly Muslim, Senegal is a tolerant secular state, whose peoples have lived together peacefully for several generations and have intermingled to some extent.

Research findings of ‘Death in the Family in Urban Senegal: Many death and bereavement studies conducted to date are rooted in medicalised and Islamic law) provides for the spouse and his/her male and female.

Some Muslims without enough money to make the once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, travel to their home villages to celebrate the holiday of Eid al-Adha. He says that the holiday is very important to him, and that on Tabaski, there is really no place to be other than with family. No matter how difficult it is financially, he says he knew he had to find a way home. Though Ndiaye speaks some French, on the bus he speaks Pular with others.

He and many others from his ethnic group have two lines etched into their temples, identifying them as Pular. Passengers pile rolled up prayer mats into the bus’s storage bin. Some bring bags of onions and other ingredients to prepare the traditional meal of sheep they will have with their families.

Senegal’s secret shame

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Create your account; Receive up-to-date newsletters; Set up text alerts His brothers called him “a good person, a good worker, and a good Muslim. The killings have stunned Denver’s Senegalese community, of which the Diols were Some members of the Muslim community have pleaded for the.

A group of women in rural West Africa participate in a traditional ceremony to celebrate a polygamist marriage. In fact, as you came in, he was busy reprimanding them. Honestly speaking, since Ousmane brought in Aissatou three years ago, his home has not known peace and harmony. Women involved in this form of marriage have no voice and no channels to complain.

I had dreams and aspirations to own a small company and travel the continent. She stopped going to school in Grade 7, at the age of 15, when she was given in marriage to her cousin, a Muslim cleric. Now she is 30 and has seven children. The index measures the position of women relative to men in the areas of economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, political empowerment, and health and survival. According to the report, 39 percent of girls in Senegal aged 20 to 24 have been married by the age of 18, while the country ranks 27th out of 68 countries surveyed in terms of girls marrying before the age of Issa Diop, a year-old polygamist truck driver, says young people like him become polygamists by choice.

Seven reasons men in Senegal give for taking another wife

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illegal in the U.S., some Muslim men in America have quietly married multiple wives. No one knows for sure how many Muslims in the U.S. live in As the Senegalese owner, Miriam Dougrou, weaves cornrows on a young.

I am meeting someone for the first time and I want to make a good impression. What would be good discussion topics? You will make a good impression when first meeting people from Senegal if you ask them questions and show that you are interested in their country and culture. In general, avoid subjects that are related to religion and sex. Coming from Canada, where all topics are open for discussion, you should not assume that the same situation exists in a country like Senegal where religion plays such a central role.

Sexuality is something that you talk about only with people you are very close to or who are approximately the same age as you. Ethnologists say that this opposition stems from colonial times when schoolchildren were rounded up because families did not want to send their children to school but there are other interpretations. Colonialism also introduced the birth certificate or card. Greetings are key and of great importance.

They can easily last for 10 minutes and may even be repeated again later in the conversation. It is essential to take enough time to do this and inquire about the health and welfare of family members and friends of the person to whom you are speaking. Subsequently, you can ask other questions related to the context in which you are meeting. For example, if the meeting is business related, ask a general question about how work is proceeding. If you have recently arrived in the country, you can ask about the origins of certain festivals or where a certain dish comes from and how it is prepared.

Denver police release images of masked suspects in fire that killed 5 Senegalese immigrants

In a 28 November telephone interview, the head of consular affairs for the Embassy of the Republic of Senegal in Ottawa stated that an amended version of Law No. In a 27 April telephone interview, the first counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Senegal in Ottawa further indicated that no amendments to this law have been made since ibid. An complete but unofficial French version of Law No. Any individual born in Senegal of an ascendant in the first degree who was born in Senegal is Senegalese.

A person whose ordinary residence is in the territory of the Republic of Senegal and who has always been Senegalese by apparent status shall be deemed to have met these two conditions.

numbers of imams, religious Muslim associations, male politicians known for their fundamentalist stances (the Collective of Senegalese Islamic Associations (​CAIS). In a communiqué, CAIS two men, but mentioned no date. It is illustrated​.

But no, not really. Though the title of the series focuses on the mistress, the content is equally divided across the lives of the four other female characters who in their own right are multifaceted representations of contemporary urban Senegalese women. Much has been made about the pleonasm in the series title. JAMRA accuses the film of perverting the morals of young people. Since , Senegalese television have gradually severed ties with South American novellas in favor of locally produced serials.

In Senegal, Islam is often heralded as the monitor of all behaviors regardless of the fact that the republic is not an Islamic one and has a secular constitution. The outrage seems to be about an unmarried woman owning her sexual freedom. The real problem is that the producer is a woman, and the female characters are not like the ones Senegalese audience have been seeing.

It is easy to say that a telefilm is corrupting the morality of young people when in Senegal children have unfiltered access to the internet where they are privy to indecent content including pornography. Have Senegalese parents given up their role to the point that a telefilm is liable for the education or miseducation of children? Further Reading Politics Is Ousmane Sonko the future of Senegalese politics? Culture

Some Muslims in U.S. Quietly Engage in Polygamy

DENVER — Denver police officials on Tuesday released a chilling image of three masked people suspected of setting a fire that killed five Senegalese immigrants, including two young children. Djibril Diol, 29, and Adja Diol, 23, were killed Aug. The suspects were dressed in full white face masks and dark hoodies. They fled the area in a dark-colored, four-door sedan. This is Djibril Diol, his wife and daughter, three of the five who died.

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On July 16,, during a solemn ceremony, Moussa Sy, the Muslim Mayor appointed Father Flavio honorary citizen and gave him the keys to the city because of the many works that the missionary, together with the parish, promoted for the benefit of the whole community. It was a painting that portrayed the crucifix. I was moved by the gift and surprised by the choice: I was expecting it to feature the Virgin Mary as Muslims take Her very much into account and even come to church to pray before the statue of Our Lady.

Instead, the mayor chose the crucifix, which in Muslim culture is little understood. For him Christianity identified with the church he had had the opportunity to know. It is a young and very active community, Father Flavio tells us: the children who participate in the activities of the various parish groups are more than 2,, each year the members of the catechism are about 1, and in Easter time, we administered on average between and baptisms.

There is a center in the parish to welcome children from the poorest families, training classes for young people are held along with a micro-credit project for women. There is also a large library, which houses almost 10, volumes, an elementary school attended by children and classrooms where the children of the neighborhood can study peacefully in the evening. Caritas takes care of poorest families and, as far as possible, takes care of their primary needs.

Christians and Muslims in the municipal council. Over the years Father Flavio has invited the faithful to engage also in institutions and since the elections, for the first time, six Catholics sit in the municipal council 40 people and a Catholic lady has become deputy mayor. Christians and Muslims work together in a serene atmosphere: they have organized numerous social, educational and health initiatives.

When I came to him I discovered that he had been ill for a week: he had called me because he wanted us to pray together. Teranga which in the Wolof language means hospitality is a distinctive feature of this society and the Senegalese are particularly proud of it.

Senegalese wives are using “weapons of mass seduction” to keep their husbands hooked.